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In 2018, PLMF Arts Management continues to run the NordicBaltic Festival Platform, which is a network for arts and culture festivals in the Nordic-Baltic area. It aims to foster cultural cooperation in the region, raise the capacity of festivals therein, and explore the Nordic-Baltic identity in and through the arts. See more HERE.

We also provide administrative and communication services for the IMMF (International Music Managers Forum). The forum connects over a 1,000 individual managers in 22 countries across the world to gather and share information about experiences, organises several module based training and educational programmes as well as works with governments and other associations to improve the rights of both artists and managers. Find out more HERE

Recently we started developing the MMF Estonia network. If you're interested get in touch via email at and follow our activities on Facebook!

In 2018 under the guidance of PLMF Arts Management a two year project with Scottish Ensemble as the main partner in collaboration with Ensemble Resonanz (Germany) ja Trondheim Soloists (Norway) was funded by the EU. The aim of "The Bridge" project is the creation of a string ensembles network in order to have a platform where new solutions can be discussed together fostering cooperation and working and learning from each other. Through string music also reach new audiences and engage them in classical music. The project culminates with a large festival in Glasgow in the summer of 2020.

PLMF Arts Management also acts as the EFFE (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe) Hub for Estonia. Among the primary EFFE initiatives is to give out biannual quality labels and awards. The latter are given to festivals in Europe with 1) an artistic commitment and innovative approaches, 2) involvement in their local communities, and 3) European or international engagement. National experts all over Europe including Estonia are to assess their countries’ applications and see if the applied festivals meet the three criteria. HERE the link to the website.

In parallel, PLMF Arts Management continues actively working on the development of the careers of our artists as their General Manager. Find out more about the artists HERE.

PLMF Arts Management is a perfect partner for anyone or any organisation interested in arts management on an international level, needing guidance, connections and fundrising or looking for international collaboration or touring possibilities. 

From 2013-2016 PLMF Arts Management worked alongside the PLMF Music Trust, which was inaugurated in 2003 by the well known Estonian soprano Pille Lill. The aim of the Music Trust is to support the development of talented professional musicians by organising master classes, opportunities to perform, and by introducing them internationally. The Music Trust currently organises around 200 concerts annually in Estonia, including 4 music festivals.